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Veit Laurent Kurt: Mural 2019

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Built on Waters of Love, Peace and Wisdom

Artist Veit Laurent Kurt’s project The Bavarian Vampire (A Site Visit) curated by Andrew Hunt was a prelude to the mural comissioned for Luton town centre. The Mural will be installed at 33a Guildford Street in early April.

The Bavarian Vampire (A Site Visit) 30 June to 3 August 2018

‘Lying for the sake of truth, Inventing for the sake of truth, Lies and inventions for optimism and maybe a proposal for the future’

The Bavarian Vampire

Report extract: An archaeological excavation was undertaken on the current site of the University of Bedfordshire, Luton before its redevelopment. Records indicate that the area was the location of a castle built by Falk De Breauté, an Anglo-Norman knight and favourite of King John, sometime around the 1220s. A Medieval document shows that the castle was surrounded by a moat. De Breauté had dammed the nearby river for this purpose, however his actions caused serious flooding to crops and buildings belonging to the church, which led to complaints by local preachers and farmers. Read more>>>

Veit Laurent Kurz was born in Germany in 1985 and is represented by Weiss Falk, Basel; Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmo; and Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin.

The project has been supported by Arts Council England


33a Guildford Street
33a Guildford Street,
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