Storefront transforms a previously empty commercial space in Bute Street into an environment where artists can experiment, engage new audiences, share work-in-progress and test ideas.

Sarah Baker: Sixth Floor

A destination of immersive fragrant experiences

In December 2016, Sarah Baker Perfumes will transform Luton’s aptly named Storefront into an escapade for your senses, where you can let yourself be swept away into a world of decadence and desire. Come to the glamorous launch of the ‘Sixth Floor’ and indulge in this new line of fragrances while enjoying the unique art installation featuring customised windows and a perfume counter.

Each of the four exciting new fragrances in the Sarah Baker Perfumes line evokes a different fantasy experience: while one will take you on a yacht ride in the Greek Islands, another will recall a blazing open fire in a Highland’s pub. Each scent is inspired by luxurious fashion motifs such as leopard, Greek keys, lace and tartan.

Because this is a genuine perfume launch, helpful uniformed assistants, performers, and perfumers will be on hand to guide you through the scented journey that Sarah Baker Perfumes offers.


About Sarah Baker

London-based artist Sarah Baker is interested in the cult of celebrity and the dramatic personas of American soap opera. Although her characters and the luxury items they endorse are often the products of her imagination, she has so effectively developed the airs and graces of genuine soap stars that audiences may try to recall whether they’ve seen the ‘stars’ or their products before. Much of Baker’s career has revolved around making her own films and In 2013 Impirioso – her story of a wealth and fame obsessed fashion heiress who murders her husband when he sells the family fashion business – was substantially filmed in Luton. It will be shown in January at the Storefront during the run of Sixth Floor.

Baker began to develop her own genuine Perfume line in 2013, working with the Institute of Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles. In the new-year Sarah Baker will be in conversation with Saskia Wilson-Brown from the Institute of Art and Olfaction.


Storefront Opening Times:

9 December 2016 – 28 January 2017

Closed Friday 24 December – Wednesday 11 January inclusive


64 Bute Street,
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