Vibrant artwork projected onto the Culture Wall stating 'Hand Must Mind Must Work.'
The Culture Wall is a three-year curated programme of large-scale video, text and photographic-image projections around Bute Street and Guildford Street.

New Works Arts Show

A New Works Art Show is now being featured on the Culture Wall in Bute Street.

The following Artists are showing films and images:

Holly Attzs

Broken Lens Group

Jamie Newell

Claire Louise Tarrant

Aaron Bailey

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AYCSDI DEC 19 Crop 1


Culture Wall
Bute Street,
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Distorted coloured film strips with 'Disruption' printed across the middle in bold black text.
Jennifer West: Expect Even Better
West will create four works where featuring words and slogans taken from corporate tech slogans such as 'Disruption and 18th century Dutch sayings 'Expect Even Better' overlaid digitally onto painted, scratched, printed and splattered scrolling 70mm filmstrips.
Image of Henry Moore's 'Mother & Child' projected onto the culture wall at the launch of the public realm arts project.
Autumn 2016 at the Culture Wall
The Culture Wall will comprise of a yearly commission by an international artists. The pieces will promote diversity through text, typography, literacy, script, languages, translations, street speak, dialects and mottos.