Vibrant artwork projected onto the Culture Wall stating 'Hand Must Mind Must Work.'
The Culture Wall is a three-year curated programme of large-scale video, text and photographic-image projections around Bute Street and Guildford Street.

Autumn 2016 at the Culture Wall

The Culture Wall will comprise of a yearly commission by an international artists. The pieces will promote diversity through text, typography, literacy, script, languages, translations, street speak, dialects and mottos.

A brightly coloured projection of geometric shapes onto the Culture Wall at the launch of the public realm arts project with guests enjoying a feast next to it.
Culture Wall test projection Image Credit: Saundra Glenn
Image of Henry Moore's 'Mother & Child' projected onto the culture wall at the launch of the public realm arts project.
Culture Wall: 'Mother and Child' by Henry Moore
Photograph of Culture Wall
Culture Wall: hosting a yearly commission by international artists

In Autumn 2016, artists Scott King and Susan A. Barnett will exhibit on the Culture Wall. King will involve local residents to reconstruct Henry Moore’s famous series of sculptures ‘Mother and Child’. Titled ‘Mother and Child (Luton)’, new images taken by photographer Aleksandra Warchol will result in a series of projected impressions of families from the local community, a selection of which will be shown in sequence between September and December 2016. Barnett will also connect with the local community to create a diverse and fascinating mosaic and opinions about Luton. The photographic collection of messages and their authors their will form ‘AWEARNESS Luton’; a series of non-traditional portraits to be projected on the Culture Wall.


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Bethany Holden
Bethany Holden