Space 2016
Artists given the opportunity have a residency in an empty shop and to carry out a workshop with a Luton Artists Group.

Space Projects


The High Town area offered  an exciting opportunity to explore the potential for using empty spaces to develop and nurture independent artistic enterprise, improve the street scene and build on the existing distinctiveness and character. High Town Arts for All have extensive links with communities, artists and organisations within the area and have a successful track record in using empty shops for arts and culture based enterprises and residencies most notably the High Hats – hat shop and the Flamingo Arts workshop space for creativity.

Space  was open to returning arts graduates from Luton develop their work, share ideas within the public realm and with local and national groups that connect creativity through issues around positive mental health and wellbeing. There was a collaboration with the Open Arts Group who already engage with individual and groups with mental health issues. Each year delivered a new aspect of the project;



Offered 4 residency opportunities to local Luton based emerging artists in an empty shop on the Hightown Rd.  Artists also did 4 workshops with the Open Arts Group in the Flamingo Arts shop for a month, they have also created work to be projected on Culture Wall.  One of the group, Stephen Whiting, used this experience to progress to Testbeds.   (evaluation comment from Stephen Whiting: I believe the project was successful in its aim at developing  the artists’ practice within the Luton artistic community and raising awareness of Arts activity in the locality”)


SPACE 2017

Curated by Luton Open Arts ,an empty shop in High Town was used as a space for emerging Artists to develop their practice,  Illustrator Darrel Innes,  Photographer Jamie Newell and visual Artists Grace Woodcock.  There was a film maker, but he was called away onto a shoot at the last minute, (he showed his short film on the commission wall). All the Artists carried out workshops and  Alva carried out a workshop on feltmaking  (as a substitute for the film maker).   The project culminated on 1st July for the High Town Festival a celebration of local culture in the street. On 28th June the Artists met Mark Titchner and they were also invited to openings including ‘New commissions in Summer’


SPACE 2018

Curated by Caroline Wallace, Storefront was used again as a space for local Artists to develop their practice, each were given a week and carried out an event in the gallery and workshop.  Space had television coverage from BBC News and Pakistani News which boosted attendance and was a good experience for the Artists involved.  Luton Bid and Luton Borough Council were also pleased about the positive publicity.

Fiona Martin
Imagine by Fiona Martin
Imagine by Fiona Martin opened for 3 days, 426 people attended there was a 10 day blog style build up on Facebook which reached 14,194 people.  The exhibition was focused on recently deceased Fran Martin who was a Metal Worker and Artist who had strong links in the Irish community.
Virtual Shift By Anna Fairchild
Virtual Shift  By Anna Fairchild
Virtual Shift  By Anna Fairchild opened for 3 days with 287 people attending,  Anna used the opportunity to develop new work and experimented with coloured light and projections creating new work. There was a small group of 6 people learnt about creating work with plaster.
Haleema Ali
A life in Chains – Shackles of the Mind, Body and Soul – work by Haleema Ali 
A life in Chains – Shackles of the Mind, Body and Soul – work by Haleema Ali  saw 396 attended, this was “An artistic representation of how corrupt  political and justice systems can led to the  physical and mental imprisonment of the oppressed in our society”  with wire sculpture and human rights quotes. There was a discussion group on 1/9/18 attended by 9 people from Pakistani backgrounds.
Abu Yahya
The Journey of the Light by Abu Yahya
The Journey of the Light by Abu Yahya showed work with 612 people attending.  Abu Yahya stayed in the exhibition space while it was on and demonstrated his Arabic Calligraphy to visitors.  His show encouraged many people from Pakistani backgrounds to attend the show, many of whom would not usually attend art events, he sold £800 worth of work. Abu Yahya carried out a demonstration with 14 people attending 12 from Pakistani backgrounds 2 from European backgrounds.
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A brightly coloured projection of geometric shapes onto the Culture Wall at the launch of the public realm arts project with guests enjoying a feast next to it.
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