A song for Luton – Tom Hackett and Julian Woodcock

Saturday 10 November, 1pm

Standing shoulder to shoulder outside the Storefront Tom Hackett and Julian Woodcock will wear hard hats and will take it in turns to recite the titles of pop songs connected with regrets and hope, for 45 minutes ( the duration of a classic album). The intervention aims to playfully balance the curious with the poignant, connecting to the core exhibition project theme. It will have the feel of a retro public information broadcast.

A song for Luton

Featured songs of hope & regrets

Fool to cry  –  The Rolling Stones

The only way is up  –  Jazz and the Plastic Population

Regrets Regrets   –  Everything Everything

Something insides so strong   –  Labi Sifre

Gordon is a Moron  –  Jilted John

Firework  –  Katy Perry

Moving out today  –  Carol Bayer Sager

No regrets  –  The Walker Brothers

Is she really going out with him  –  Joe Jackson

Bridge over troubled water  –  Simon and Garfunkle

Alone again naturally  –  Gilbert O’Sullivan

Things can only get better  –  D ream

Moneys to tight to mention   –  Simply Red

D.I.V.O.R.C.E  –  Tammy Wynette

Take a look at me now  –  Phil Collins

She’s gone  –  Hall and Oates

You make me feel brand new  –  The Stylistics


64 Bute Street,

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