Catrine Val in conversation with Matthew Shaul

Catrine Val in conversation with  Matthew Shaul, Director, Departure Lounge

Thursday 27 February 2019,  6.30 -8.00 pm Departure Lounge at The Storefront, 64 Bute St, Luton LU1 2EY

Asking what questions staged photographic portraiture raises in an age of immediate, temporary and digital photography (and the selfie), artist Catrine Val and Departure Lounge Director Matthew Shaul will discuss The Changing Room, Val’s current commission in Luton.

Catrine Val’s portraits re-imagine women’s lives in contemporary, industrial Britain. Striking,immediate and spontaneously staged, Val uses the props,  street furniture and scenery to hand to create a series of images with the kind of individualistic vision seen in the work of Annie Leibovitz, or David la Chappelle.

Based in Kassell, Germany,  Catrine Val has produced  portraits and self portraits all over the world seeking visual expression for the fluctuating and simultaneous determinants on female identity.

The Changing Room is commissioned by Departure Lounge and produced in Partnership with Luton Culture. It is part of As You Change So Do I a three-year programme of public art events in Luton funded by Arts Council England’s Luton Investment Programme and The Luton Arts Fund.


Opening times: Thurs – Sat: 1.00-6.00pm


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