Tom Hackett In Coversation: A Barbecue of Regrets

Saturday 6th October, 2pm

Storefront is delighted to invite you to hear Nottingham-based artist, raconteur and self-styled “artist-confessor” Tom Hackett in conversation with Storefront Curator Matthew Shaul. Find out about the development of a barbecue of regrets as a project and how the exhibition was formed.

A Barbecue of Regrets began as a unique, inter-active art project by artist Tom Hackett, which invited the people of Luton to share their regrets and then watch them literally go up in smoke in a cathartic public barbecue. The project has resulted in a new exhibition of work, inspired by the shared conversations and regrets, on display at the Storefront from 22 SEPTEMBER–17 NOVEMBER 2018.

Tom Hackett with work barbecue of regrets
“Tom’s new project is both uniquely accessible, and theoretically rich, it employs mass participation and reminds us of the quirks and idiosyncrasies of British society that were unearthed by the ‘mass observation’ projects of the 1930s. Approaching this with a refreshing lack of seriousness, Tom conveys his message with a combination of TV Game Show host and ‘emperor of the barbecue’. Why worry about the things you have or haven’t done when you could turn them into a delicious snack instead?” Matthew Shaul, Director of Departure Lounge and Curator of Storefront


64 Bute Street,

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Barbecue and Opening Reception: Tom Hackkett | A Barbecue of Regrets
Barbecue and Opening Reception: Tom Hackkett | A Barbecue of Regrets
barrow suit
A barbecue of regrets an art project for Luton by Tom Hackett
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