Barbecue and Opening Reception: Tom Hackkett | A Barbecue of Regrets

Saturday 22 September, 1 – 4pm

As You Change So Do I and Tom Hackett invite you to attend the opening reception of A Barbecue of Regrets. Join us for an art barbecue where Luton’s regrets turn to vapour, with free burgers available to participants and passers-bys.

A Barbecue of Regrets began as a unique, inter-active art project by artist Tom Hackett, which invited the people of Luton to share their regrets and then watch them literally go up in smoke in a cathartic public barbecue. The project has resulted in a new exhibition of work, inspired by the shared conversations and regrets, on display at the Storefront from 22 SEPTEMBER–17 NOVEMBER 2018.

Tom Hackett Barbecue + text 3
Tom Hackett Barbecue + text 2
Tom Hackett Barbecue + text 1


64 Bute Street,

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Tom Hackett In Coversation: A Barbecue of Regrets
barrow suit
A barbecue of regrets an art project for Luton by Tom Hackett
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