Memory & Memorial – Art Workshop

Saturday 18 August, 1 – 3pm

Join Fiona Martin & Elaine Lister for an art workshop that explores the themes of their exhibition Imagine – Memories of the artist Fran Martin

Through this workhop explore how the artists, Fiona & Elaine, have preserved memories and memorialised through art. Then experiment and develop your own ideas to make or plan your own memory and memorial artwork.

Space 18

This exhibition is part of Space-18; a project to give emerging Artists an Artist in Residence opportunity to develop their practice, in 2016 and 2017 artists used empty shop space in High Town, Luton. This year the artists have the opportunity to use a town centre location, Storefront in Bute Street for discussion, research, networking, production and exhibition. This is part of ‘As you change so do I’, a project funded by the Arts Council of England



64 Bute Street,

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